The Board of Trustees

The Board,being the highest organ of the Corps is the legal custodian of the Constitution and all assets of the organization.Besides its power to authorize Court Case(s)/Law Suit(s) in the name of the Corps, it is the final arbiter of any crisis in the Peace Corps.

National Advisory Committee

This is a body of Patrons, Patronesses, Fellows, Ambassadors and Advisers given honourably to men and women of proven integrity in recognition of their contributions to the peace, growth and stability of the Country. The members shall be dynamic and innovative, as their good roles are important in accomplishing the Peace Corps’ Aims and Objectives.

The Peace Corps Council

This body is headed by the National Commandant and it serves as a think-tank, policy-making and advisory body towards the effective implementation of the aims and objectives of the organization. Members of the Council are appointed and report to the National Commandant. Members of the Council comprise of the Board of Trustees, Deputy National Commandants, Assistant National Commandants, Zonal Commanders and all the State Commandants.

Peace Corps Management Team

This is a body having as Chairman the National Commandant and its membership comprises of all appointees at the national level. It is charged with the responsibility of implementing the policies and programmes of the organization at the national level. Its business is to identify, oversee, check-mate and review the activities of the Corps periodically as to ensure that they are in conformity with the vision, mission and core mandate of the Corps as well as meet national needs and aspiration.

Council of State Commandants

This Council has as its members all the 36 State Commandants, including that of the Federal Capital Territory and its existence was not only expedient but imperative for the State Commandants to assert themselves and to collectively work towardsthe execution and maintenance of all policies, directives and programmes as directed by the National Commandant. The executive powers in each of the State Commands shall be vested in the State Commandant and be exercised by him either directly or through his Deputy or other State Officer(s) of the Peace Corps. The Council is to elect for itself a Chairman,  Vice Chairman and Secretary to manage its internal affairs.

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