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Unemployment rate: Peace Corps Bill draws fresh attention

Nigerians are optimistic that signing the Nigeria Peace Corps bill will remove many unemployed citizens from the streets.
This is coming amid controversies over the unemployment rate in the country.

The urgency surrounding the Peace Corps Bill is underscored by the disconcerting unemployment statistics recently released by the National Bureau of Statistics (NBS).

In the first quarter (Q1) of 2023, the unemployment rate stood at 4.1 percent.

Before concluding his tenure on May 29, 2023, President Buhari received a number of bills for his assent, including the prominent Nigeria Peace Corps bill.

This legislation, sponsored by Senator Ali Ndume, aimed to legitimise the establishment of the Peace Corps as a government entity, affording legal recognition to all serving members of the Peace Corps of Nigeria.

Founded by Dickson Akoh, the Peace Corps has ardently championed peace-building and youth empowerment endeavours across the nation.

Nevertheless, the organisation has grappled with challenges stemming from its lack of legal footing and acknowledgment as a government parastatal.

A pivotal point in the bill’s journey was President Buhari’s rejection in 2018.

His concerns encompassed national security implications and the fiscal burden of sustaining the organisation.

Yet, in the 9th Senate, the bill was reintroduced, fostering optimism that it might finally secure the essential assent.

But upon assumption of office, President Bola Ahmed Tinubu’s administration is yet to make a comment on the pending bill.

Some youths, including activist Fred Agbaje, James Akoji, Emmanuel Uduh, and Damiete Paul, collectively urged President Tinubu to recognize the bill’s potential for resolving the nation’s unemployment crisis.

Fred Agbaje, “The Peace Corps Bill isn’t just about an organisation; it’s about hope for millions of unemployed youths. Tinubu’s support could be the key to unlocking a better future.”

James Akoji, “Tinubu’s decision carries the weight of our dreams. The Peace Corps offers a chance for youth engagement and positive change. We urge him to seize this opportunity.”

Emmanuel Uduh, “As the unemployment crisis deepens, the Peace Corps Bill stands as a beacon of hope. Tinubu’s endorsement could redefine the future for our generation.”

Damiete Paul, “We’re not just asking for a signature; we’re asking for a lifeline. The Peace Corps can empower us to make a difference. We implore Tinubu to stand with us.”

Aondona Shija, “This isn’t just about a bill; it’s about empowering our youth to shape our nation’s destiny. Let’s rally behind the Peace Corps and the vision it holds.”

Agnes Luga, “The Peace Corps Bill isn’t just policy; it’s a commitment to our youth’s future. I believe in its potential and call for collective endorsement.

“We’re at a juncture where the Peace Corps could be a catalyst for change. Let’s hope Tinubu recognizes the opportunity and the difference it can make.”

Eunice Agaigbe, “The youths hold the keys to our nation’s progress. The Peace Corps Bill can provide a path forward. Let’s unite behind its cause.”

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